Due to Covid-19 we offer online in class session almost every Sunday from 1pm – 7pm through Zoom.

Please contact us either by phone or text at 306-999-2222 or email to confirm your registration.

It’s very easy, text us the applicant first and last name to this number 306-999-2222 for next online in-class date then we will get back to you for registration.

Due to Covid-19 we have in-class session almost every Sundays timing (1:00PM – 7:00PM) through Zoom.

For registration please text on the phone numbers 306-999-2222.
The total cost of 6 hours in-class and 6 hours in-car is $495. You will have to pay when you start driving.

After completion of the course we will issue the certificate.

You can pay by cash, etransfer, debit card or certified cheque (receipts will provided on request)

At the end of in-class session we will ask each individual what day and time you can be able to schedule your drive, we will look into our schedule as well and with mutual agreement for in-car driving session.
All in-car training must be done in the instructor car (Dual brake equipped).
We only provide automatic vehicle for in-car training.
The maximum in-car hours are two hours per day and minimum 1 hour per day.
For in-car session we will proved pick and drop inside city.
For additional in-car hours or renting a car for road test you must have to talk to your in-car training instructor.
We are a group of certified instructors will provide our services for in-car on weekends, early morning and evening.



  The wascana driving school is the the best driving school, I learned a lot in a short time and the Instuctor was excellent in teaching and overall attitude.  



SGI Provided an online practice quiz for written test preparation and also sharing of knowledge and rules of the road with new drivers


No right turn on red light at two additional intersection in Regina.