About Us

Wascana Driving School is a team of competent and friendly professional driving instructors who have long experience in imparting ministry-approved  drivers’ training, both in-class and in-car. We have been serving in Regina and the surrounding community since 2008.

We have high-tech learning features in our class courses aided by course-material in digitized format, and have very clear and well-explained animations, videos, and pictures that help the new drivers to learn the material quickly and easily. These classes prepare the new drivers for what to expect on the road, under normal circumstances as well as Saskatchewan unpredictable weather which includes snowy, stormy weather and on slippery, icy roads.

We also provide excellent demonstrations and hands on training on the road for real-life experience and to build the confidence of the new drivers.

We focus on defensive driving and advanced techniques to reduce the risk of collision, injury and legal convictions of our valuable customers.

We also provide assistance in scheduling driving tests, and may provide a car for the road test on a reasonable fee.

If you, your children, your relatives or friends want to get driver training then we are the business that can provide you the best value for your money by imparting an in-depth, best quality and professional driver training both in-class and in-car.

Our instructors can provide instruction in many languages including English, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto and Panjabi.



    Singh Sachin Kumar

      The training I got from Wascana driving school was excellent. The instructor was very helpful in all respect. I will recommend his services to anyone who want to driver training.  



    SGI Provided an online practice quiz for written test preparation and also sharing of knowledge and rules of the road with new drivers


    No right turn on red light at two additional intersection in Regina.