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9 Most Dangerous Road Hazards You’ll See on the Road Today

9 Most Dangerous Road Hazards You’ll See on the Road Today

Dangerous Road Hazards


Driving a vehicle is certainly a risk, sometimes a greater risk than other times. Drivers need to be aware of dangerous road hazards at all times. Here are some of the most dangerous road hazards you'll see on the road today and hopefully you are able to try your best to avoid them when they happen to you.




Potholes are certainly some of the most dangerous roads hazards you’ll come across. These can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and can even cause you to lose control. Potholes are likely to be more extreme after the long, cold winter months. Road crews try to fix as many as possible during the warmer months, but sometimes some still get missed. Potholes are definitely something to be aware of.


Icey and Snowy Conditions


These conditions can make roads slippery and dangerous. You must be cautious not to crash into other drivers or anything else that is around you. Additionally, as Canadians, we must get used to driving with theses dangerous road hazards since we are essentially driving about half the year in these conditions. Be extra careful when driving in both snow and also ice.


Animals Cause Dangerous Road Conditions


Fortunately, nature shares their space with us, which means we must watch out for things like deer, squirrels, and other animals that can dart out onto the road unexpectedly. Be on the lookout, especially at dawn and dusk. Some animals, such as moose and even deer can do an unbelievable amount of damage to your vehicle and also puts your life and your passenger’s life at danger.




Always yield to pedestrians, and be cautious when driving near crosswalks, especially in areas that have an increase in foot traffic. Additionally, places where there may be lots of kids, such as schools, require even more attentiveness. Sometimes it’s not always pedestrians that cause dangerous road hazards, but not paying attention when other cars are slowing down, increasing the chances of a rear-end collision or something along those lines. 


Construction zones: 


Living in a place where all the yearly construction has to be compressed into just a short 4-6 months, it may seem like they are everywhere. These areas can be dangerous for both drivers and workers. Slow down and be alert when driving through construction zones to avoid all possible dangerous road conditions that may appear.


Become a More Attentive Driver


By being aware of these dangerous road hazards, you can help keep yourself and others safe on the road. A few ways to improve your alertness could be to put down your phone, if you have a habit of using it while you drive. Additionally, this one should be quite obvious as well, but never drive while impaired! Avoiding both of these two things can help you assess the area for any potentially dangerous road hazards and react to them accordingly. 


Looking to Become a Better Driver? 


If you’re looking to become a better driver, Wascana Driving School can help you. You are able to gain comfort and driving skills that you might be lacking. Give Wascana Driving School in Regina a call today and book your appointment, you can be on the road to becoming a better, more experienced driver!