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Pavan Patel
5 / 5.00

I met Mr Burki and he was very kind and soft hearted person. I discussed many things about my driving and he helped me out with good long term solutions and on top of that he also helped me how to drive in winter conditions when it is not possible to drive.

Krisauna Niels
5 / 5.00

My experience with Wascana Driver School was amazing, the instructor was kind, patient, and very good at his job. With a few brush up classes before my road test, I was able to pass and I feel like a way better driver after just a few hours.

Omer Ladha
5 / 5.00

Taking a driver's license class was hard I believe, and I think it is for so many people but Mr. Burki and his team made it so easy and I had so much fun taking driver's license class they did so hard work and I really appreciate it. I passed the test first try it was like eating cake Thank you.

Nasir Aliyar
5 / 5.00

My suggestion for those who want to learn traffic rules in a very easy and simple way is to not miss Wascana's Driving School  training classes.

Jesse Desjarlais
5 / 5.00

The instruction I received was concise, informed, and passionate. I felt that both Mr. Awan and Mr. Burki were interested in teaching me how to be a safe and defensive driver, and I particularly felt that they were willing and able to apply those skills to life in general. Mr. Burki, in particular, concluded his presentation by instilling the importance of family and vitality in relation to driving. I felt encouraged to be a safe and defensive driver so that I could be a safe and defensive human being. Driving is just another part of our lives, and if we treat life as preciously as Mr. Burki has treated driving, then we will be safer in general.

Ripanpal Kaur
5 / 5.00

I loved how the instructors not just explained what was written on the slides but also the valuable knowledge from their experience. 6 hours was a long time but they made it so interesting and I didn't feel bored not even for a second.

Mr. Burki is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor, speaks very clear, lively and with good communication skills. You can really say that pretty much he is very good in this field. The presentation is very organized, all covered everything. This is basically a great class and I really learn a lot.

Juvilyn Harris
5 / 5.00

It's good to learn more from a speaker and showing the charts about the education for driving. It's kinda scary though to see the possibility bad happened to the road when you're not focused and aware.😬

Jeffrey Graval
5 / 5.00

This was a great class and took a lot out of it and was very interesting information and well done the instructor was awesome and will use all his tips on a daily day when driving on the road. thanks for the PowerPoint and zoom link.

The experience was very knowledgeable and fun because 7 hours seemed a very long time. However, it did not seem too long in the class, since the class was very interactive with an instructor with a good sense of humor, and a class with slides and videos.

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