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Prabhdeep Singh
5 / 5.00

I learned lots of things from Mr. Burki. He explained very well with including examples. maybe these things will be very useful in future driving and enhance driving skills.

I wasn't sure how I was going to survive a 6 hour class, but it was very informative and did not even feel lengthy or boring at any time.

Peipei Liu
5 / 5.00

Very clear and professional instruction with the visual aids.

Its really good and Excellent class about driving.

Sahithi Kodali
5 / 5.00

Interactive with class, showing video clips to make class understand the importance of focus while driving.

Robyn Okeeweehow
5 / 5.00

It was good and very thorough and explained a lot, when I thought I had a question, the instructor was already going into more explanation.

The class was really informative and the instructor made it interesting. I would say they covered pretty much everything i needed to know about driving

nolan lavandero
5 / 5.00

i learn more in this class the proper way/rules of driving

Chanpreet kaur
5 / 5.00

Me . Burki is fantastic and give very clear explanations.

5 / 5.00

Having great experiences with this lec and it is really helpful for a good driving learner

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