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Faria Gull
5 / 5.00

Mr.Burki is an experienced person and has a lot of knowledge . Love the way he talked because everything was clear . Friendly and jolly person . Every topic he teach us was fully understandable and full of knowledge . I appreciate it and would recommend everyone to join this school for training purpose. 👍🏻

Ruth Ngetich
5 / 5.00

Through this class I was able to understand most of the rules that were challenging to understand when reading the handbook. The instructors are very knowledgeable and humorous, making the class interactive by asking questions. Thank you!

Very enjoyable. I was very worried about 6 hours in an online class but Mr. Burki is funny and engaging. I learned a lot and I'm feeling more confident about starting to drive.

Sandeep Kaur
5 / 5.00

I had a great experience with Wascana Driving School. I really enjoy being taught by Mr. Burki, its makes learning more easier how to drive with discipline to follow all rules and regulations.

Omotayo Keyede
5 / 5.00

It was a great experience. I thought 6-hours straight was going to be boring but Mr. Burki made it interesting. It was really educational and enlightening.

Avninder Kaur
5 / 5.00

I learned a lot useful information and the instructor was very friendly and really motivated us that we can drive. I had an amazing experience in the class.

Thought it might be boring but the instructor tried to make the class as much engaging as he could.

David Brass
5 / 5.00

Great and clear explanations I had no trouble understanding the content. The visuals and videos helped to provide a picture and idea of certain driving situations

Dustin Bruce
5 / 5.00

very hands on, Mr. Burki made sure that he was checking in on everyone that curious about certain questions. my experience with him personally was excellent, and would highly recommend.

It's really amazing and Excellent class for a New driver

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