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How Long Do Driving Classes Take In Saskatchewan?

How Long Do Driving Classes Take In Saskatchewan?

How Long Do Driving Classes Take In Saskatchewan?

Driving is much happier and more exciting for new drivers. As soon as you pass the test driving test of the car, it is time for new drivers. They drove out on the first day to gain new experiences. So, today in Wascana Driving School’s article, you are going to learn how long driving classes take in Saskatchewan. 


Most driving classes in Saskatchewan last for about four weeks. However, the length of time may differ depending on the program you choose and your schedule. It is important to check with the driving school you plan to attend to find out how long their classes take.


The cost of most programs varies from $200 to $ 500, which is much less expensive than buying insurance or taking driving classes at a local college or university. Also, most programs last about 10 hours, so you will have plenty of time to practice after class in Saskatchewan, Canada.


To register for a driving school in Saskatchewan, you will need to provide your full name, date of birth, and contact information. You will also need to provide your driving license number (if you have one) and the type of car you want to learn to drive. Driving school fees vary depending on the driving school you choose, so be sure to research your options before registering.


It’s possible to learn to drive within a week, but it isn’t recommended. Driving is a complex task that takes time and practice to learn. It is important to take your time and practice as much as possible to be a safe and confident driver. It usually takes about 3 months. The driving test is about 30 minutes long. It usually takes about 20 driving lessons to pass an automated driving test. The cost of getting a driver's license in Saskatchewan varies depending on the type of license you are applying for and the number of years it is valid.

What Is The Process For Getting A Driver’s License?

The process for getting a driver's license in Saskatchewan generally involves three steps: 

  • completing a written exam, 
  • passing a vision test, and
  • then taking and passing a driving test. 
  • If you are under 18 years old, you may also need to complete an approved driver's education course. 

Tips For New Drivers in Saskatchewan

Always remember, getting a car license means you are a good driver, but not the ideal driver. There is more time left to become an ideal or good quality driver. New drivers must adhere to certain things. Here are some driving tips for new drivers.

  • Practice regularly
  • Stay with the instructor
  • Join different courses
  • Learn to hold the steering wheel properly by looking at the driving tips book
    “P” Plate or “L” Plate
  • Start the car by fixing the front mirror
  • Learn to use indicator lights
  • Learn to keep the right distance with the vehicle
  • Learn to park
  • Learn to use speed
  • Learn to control anger/language
  • Refrain from using the phone
  • Avoid intoxicants

If you, the new driver, try to follow these driving tips, there will be no chance of any major problems or major accidents in your life. Keep your hobby car safe. If you’re looking for a driving school to learn how to drive smartly and carefully, you can contact Wascana Driving School. A perfect school that provides amazing lessons on driving in Saskatchewan.