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6 Tips to Pass Class 5 Road Test in Regina, Saskatchewan

6 Tips to Pass Class 5 Road Test in Regina, Saskatchewan

6 Tips to Pass Class 5 Road Test in Regina, Saskatchewan

To pass the Class 5 road test in Regina, Saskatchewan, you must complete all six levels of a GDL program to obtain your Class 5 license. Wascana Driving School is the largest and most reasonably priced Class 5 driving school in Regina, Saskatchewan. SGI is responsible for administering vehicle registration and driver licensing in Saskatchewan. Let's learn about the programs available on this site and the 6 tips to pass the class 5 road test in Regina Saskatchewan. 

Six Levels of A GDL Program

  • To progress from Class 7 to Class 5, you must complete a driver education course.
  • A Class 5 Novice 1 license can be obtained by completing a road test after holding a learner's permit for at least nine months.
  • Class 5 Novice 1 drivers must practice for at least six months under conditions that limit the number of passengers, cell phone use, and drug and alcohol use.
  • After completing 6 months of spotless driving, a Novice 2 license is mailed.
  • After one year of incident-free driving, you will become a qualified Class 5 driver.

Tips to Pass Class 5 Road Test in Regina, Saskatchewan

We offer some tips to help you pass the class 5 road test in Regina, Saskatchewan with maximum success. These guidelines can help you get your appraiser approved on your first try, whether you're new to Canada or driving.

Practice Regularly

A confident, safe driver can only be achieved through practice. For the best chance of passing your driving test, accumulate as many hours behind the wheel as possible. If you don't think you've had enough driving practice, put off your test until you're confident you'll pass.

Master in Parallel Parking

Mastering this technique can be quite helpful for regular driving as well as passing your driver's test. Practice parallel parking until you feel comfortable with the activity with minimal effort. Then continue using it after you obtain your license.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Prepared

Make sure the vehicle you are driving is in working order before starting the engine when the test trainer is riding a shotgun. You need to make sure that all the lights are on. Adjust the side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and your driver's seat. Always wear a seatbelt, and ask the instructor to do the same.

Calm Down

It’s acceptable to be anxious for such an important occasion, but try not to let your anxiety control your actions. Instead, use your cooling method before the test. You should also familiarize yourself with the exam location and be aware of your next steps.

Follow All Road Markers & Rules 

Pay attention to and obey all traffic signs. Obey all warning signs, including stop signs, stoplights, yield signs, and speed limits. Disobeying traffic signals or signs can lead to failure. Those signs are also there to keep you safe while driving. 

Make Judgments With Conviction

Learn to trust your judgment while driving, which can only be done with practice. The instructor wants to make sure you make smart decisions when driving during your driving license road test. Instead of repeatedly looking over your shoulder to check and recheck, be confident when changing lanes by shoulder-checking once before signaling and moving. The instructor wants to make sure you qualify.