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Chunmao Trang
5 / 5.00

I think he is very excellent, friendly and vehicle is very best. Thank your for your attention to students. '

Hasan Akbar
5 / 5.00

Training material and method of instruction is really helpful for the students. Very professional and friendly during road training. I learned things which otherwise I could not have during this training. I would highly recommend the training for anyone who wants to acquire a driving licence. '

Shofiqul Alamsh
5 / 5.00

He's a excellent driving school. I like this driving school. Every learner should come to this driving school for driver training. '

It was awesome training. I think I got my confidence back. I will suggest Mr. Burki's class to my family and friends. '

Armel Gilles
5 / 5.00

Wascana Driving School training and services are excellent. They teach very well. I'm very happy about he way they trained me. '

Not mentioned
4.89 / 5.00

Good and patient in instructing students'

Jinnat Farhim
5 / 5.00

Wascana Driving School is a really good school. My instructor Mr. Burki was very helpful and nice person. I believe their lesson will help me a lot to achieve my driving license. '

Agyemong Shodracko
4.33 / 5.00

Wascana Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Regina'

Megan Hourie
5 / 5.00

The instructor was very calm and kind. I felt very comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you!'

Jake Gentes
4.67 / 5.00

Great experience to get to know Regina this way. Calmed down my nerves and felt confident to take my drivers examination. Was very relaxed and very well educated throughout the class. '

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