Certified Instructor


Certified Instructor



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Odai Alkhalaileh
5 / 5.00

Overall great instructor and experience.'

Yanly Wang
5 / 5.00

Best instructor ever! Highly recommended! '

Olena Stoyknova
5 / 5.00

Facebook, blog, Russian and Ukrainian sites for advertisement. This is what I will use to recommend your services. Thank you very much, Mr. Burki :)'

5 / 5.00

'Mr. Burki, he is a very nice teacher. I learned a lot of driver knowledge from him. He is a very interesting guy. '

Adonis Parcon
4.78 / 5.00

I like him because he was patient to teach driving to his students. '

Vlad Eykutilou
5 / 5.00

'You are a very good teacher. '

Syeda Asif
4.44 / 5.00

Mr. Burki was very patient and always payed attention to me. I felt very comfortable learning from him. I would recommend him to others in the future. '

Khadija Khalid
5 / 5.00

He is an excellent, knowledgeable and co-operative instructor. I would recommend him to others. You learn a lot and he increases your confidence. He makes learning easier and clearly explains concepts. '

Nighat Saadia
5 / 5.00

I have learned a lot about how to drive a car. He taught me all about turns and safe driving. Mr. Burki gives me confidence on how to drive a car. Now I have courage to become a driver. Mr. Burki's behavior was very polite and nice to me while driving. '

Hosne Ara
3.89 / 5.00

Mr. Burki is a good car instructor I have ever seen. His explanation, instruction and cooperation is very good. Overall he is a good instructor. '

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